niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

MSBS Radon

I'm Polish, so I support my army, which isn't in good condition right now. Anyway, a new assault rifle is currently being worked on. It's called MSBS Radon.
It looks like this:

 It doesn't seem any different from other modern weapons, does it?

It is 720mm (28in) bullpup and 980mm (39in) normal. Cyclic rate is around 700-750 RPM and effective rate is around 90-100 RPM It will use standard 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition, which means the cartridges will be interchangeable with M16. That's a really good thing in my opinion. It's going to be build in 5 varieties including carbine, sniper rifle and light machine gun. First prototypes have already been produced. It will enter the service around 2014. It will be used instead of outdated rifle Beryl (its production was started back in 1997), which was made to replace old Soviet rifles.
So, keep fingers crossed for Polish army!

Polish and English Wikipedia and polish military sites. My own translation, that's why it may have some mistakes :3

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